Gentrifying Brixton Market

February 2024

022 Hondo tightens grip on Brixton Market with new eviction


July 2023

021How Brixton took on a billionaire – and won

020 Good riddance! Hondo withdraws the planning application for their ugly, unwanted huge tower in Brixton


October 2022

019Brixton Market: Campaign warns Phil’s Fruit and Veg stall faces ‘threat of eviction’


May 2022

018 Brixton market traders who have been operating for decades 'could go under in weeks' as cost of living hits footfall



January 2021

017 Battle for Brixton's soul as billionaire Texan DJ plans 20-storey tower block



November 2020

016 'Regeneration' is too often an unfair fight between local people and global finance


October 2020

015 Stop the Hondo Tower

014 Artist evicted from Brixton Market speaks out against Hondo’s plans to build a huge tower in the centre of Brixton

013 Brixton community rises up to say no to 20-storey office tower proposed by multi-millionaire Texan owner of Brixton Market


August 2020

012 Gentrification, Pop Brixton, the Battle of Brixton and ‘The London Dream’


July 2020

011 He's Buying Up Brixton': Beloved Grocer's Eviction Sparks Gentrification Fight


June 2020

010 Community Pillar Nour Cash and Carry Will Stay in Brixton After Campaign Staves Off Eviction

009 Nour announces deal to stay in Brixton Market

008 Taylor McWilliams, multi-millionaire landlord of Brixton Market, pleads for financial help

007 Save Nour campaign launched to stop Brixton Market eviction by DJ landlord

006 Save Nour campaign seeks to stop Brixton Market eviction by Housekeeping DJ landlord

005 Petition to save Brixton Market food business approaches 17,000 signature


May 2020

004 The Many Faces Of Housekeeping: How Wealth & Privilege Are Distorting Underground Music

003 Campaign to Save Brixton Market Food Hub Accuses Landlord of Misleading Community


February 2020

002 Brixton for sale: who are Hondo Enterprises, owners of Brixton Village, Market Row, Club 414 and more?

001 The ‘street food’ swindle: fake diversity, privatised space – and such small portions!


- - - Brixton Station Road Market is a community market run by local traders. Photographs of all that was once Authentic


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